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Wahl: 100 Year Anniversary Cordless Senior-81919

Wahl: 100 Year Anniversary Cordless Senior-81919

100 Year Anniversary Limited Edition Cordless Senior.All Metal Housing. Heavy Duty, High Impact Solid Vitage Throw-Back Feel .All Metal Adjustable Taper Lever with Vintage Throw back design Traditional Taper Blade Set Fast Blade Cutting Speed 6400-6900 RPM Powerful Rotary Motor which results in Higher Blade Speed and Higher Stall Torque Ergonomic Design with fits comfortable in Hand Cord/Cordless Capabilities. High Quality Lithium-Ion Battery 70 Minute run time per charge.Non-Stop Use, if Battery is low, attach cord for continuous cutting.

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  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: 613
  • Weight: 999.00g
  • Dimensions: 25.00cm x 17.00cm x 8.00cm
  • UPC: 043917106687
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