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Brand: BaByliss PRO
BABYLISS PRO WOOD BLOW-DRY BRUSH DISPLAY SET (12 brushes total)Contains 3 each of the 4 brushes: 1, 1 3/8, 1 3/4 and 2 with free counter display..
Features:Includes 6: 2oz. refills w/FREE 32oz spray bottleDisinfectants, biodegradable, hospital grade, EPA registered, rust inhibitorSafe for acrylic tanning beds, stainless steel, plastics, shears & just about any salon tool or surface..
Features:4oz Makes 1 gallonDisinfectantsBiodegradableHospital gradeEPA registeredRust inhibitor..
Features:For use with combs, brushes, shears & manicure tools Measures 11.5”HHolds 37oz...
Brand: OTTO
Includes:12 wraps a display60 individual strips/wrap720 individual strips/displaySoft, clean, & comfortableMade from soft, absorbent, wet strength tissueCatches loose hair, absorbs perspiration and drips(Please note the price listed above is per box, which is 720 individual strips)..
Brand: JOHNNY B.
Cloak your clients with a breathable, lightweight, and durable cape. Its elastic neck closure quickly and efficiently fits most clients. These capes are machine washable - hang to dry.BENEFITS:Elastic neck closure Machine washable..
Brand: BaByliss PRO
Dispenses consistent aerosol-quality powerful spray with no propellantMultiple pulls will dispense a continuous sprayPre-compression technology allows for spray with no dripsCan be used to mist water320 mL (11oz) capacity..
    ELEGANCE NITRILE GLOVES | NITRILE GLOVES | BARBER GLOVES    Elegance Nitrile gloves are perfect for hair styling, hair cutting, coloring, perming and all your hair and beauty needs. Gloves are made out of a synthetic rubber, and are an ideal alternativ..
Brand: JOHNNY B.
These easy-to-handle mirrors makes it easy to see around your entire head. It's lightweight medium allows for convenient mobility.BENEFITS: Grooved handles..
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