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Brand: ANDIS
Chrome pated carbon-edged. Hair length 1/4. Used for general tapering...
Brand: ANDIS
Chrome pated carbon-edged. Hair length 3/8. Used for general tapering...
Brand: ANDIS
Washes away hair, buildup and preservative that accumulate on clipper blades. 7-in-1: Vitamin E enriched and works as a coolant, deodorizer, lubricant, cleaner, rust preventative and decontaminate. Within 10 seconds leaves blades clean, lubricated and cool for optimal performance...
Formulated to be colorless and odorless. Use multiple times daily to maximize the performance of your clippers and trimmers. Great for shears too _ Resealable bottle...
Brand: ANDIS
5-IN-1 Formula is a coolant, disinfectant, lubricant and cleaner. Rust preventative. Country fresh scent...
Brand: ANDIS
Includes & Features:Pivot Pro Trimmer (with 4 attachments), Speedmaster Clipper (with 8 attachments) & soft storage casePowerful pivot motors for professional clipper, trimming & outliningBoth units have 4x the power of comparable magnetic motor units..
Brand: ANDIS
Sizes: #0 (1/16/1.5mm), #1 (1/8/ 3mm), #2 (1/4/6mm), #3 (3/8/10mm) #4 (1/2/13mm), #5 (5/8/16mm), #6 (3/4/19mm), #7 (7/8/22mm), and #8 (1/25mm). For use with Andis detachable clippers and most other brands...
Brand: OSTER
Features & Includes:Includes detachable Aglon blades #1 & #000, blade guard, clipper grease, blade oil & cleaning brushPowerful universal motor cuts thick hair efficiently & quicklyStrong valox material makes the housing virtually unbreakable8 FT Cord..
Brand: OSTER
Features & Includes:Includes 6 guide combs, blade guard, lubricating oil & cleaning brushAdjustable blade, size 000-1Powerful magnetic motor generates 3600 cutting strokes per minuteStreamlined balanced designTextured housing provides easy grip..
Brand: OSTER
Features & Includes:Includes 8 guide combs 1/16”, 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 7/8”, 1”, oil, & cleaning brushAdjustable steel bladeErgonomic designPowerful pivot motorCuts through wet or dry hairAdjusts from a very close (size 000) to a medium lengthTextured housing provides an easy gr..
Brand: OSTER
Features & Includes:Includes zipper case, lubricating oil & cleaning brushPowerful rotary motorRegular speed & turbo boost for extra power when you need itDetachable 000 bladeErgonomic design with rubberized gripExtra long, 10 ft power cordNo vents; prevents hair from bl..
Brand: OSTER
Features & Includes:Includes: T blade, blade oil & cleaning brushIdeal for trim work around ears, beards, mustaches, sideburns, & neck linesFast, efficient & quite pivot motorEquipped with a long lasting, close cutting cryogen-x t-blade..
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